The Duke Center for International Development hosted and supported several in-person and virtual events that engaged faculty, staff, students, and alumni as well as global organizations. In addition, DCID has continued to foster partnerships with organizations who support our mission to provide a quality education for current and aspiring policy leaders.

2021-2022 Highlights

DCID partners with National University of Singapore for a talk on China’s investments

On February 23, the Duke Center for International Development (DCID) teamed up with the National University of Singapore Business School (NUS BIZ) to host,...

International Women’s Day webinar highlights research on women’s empowerment

From the impacts of COVID-19 on women to groundbreaking research on cash transfers, gender-based violence, and women’s political participation, a Duke Center for International...

DCID hosts event on LGBTQIA+ rights in Latin America

As sexual and gender minorities in Latin America continue to press for increased legal rights, three key Latin American LGBTQIA+ policymakers shared their insights...

DCID’s Executive Education team develops new digital toolkit for US Department of State

When the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered classroom doors around the world over two years ago, the Executive Education team at DCID went into action to...

New MOU and partnership with Foreign Trade University

This past year, DCID facilitated the signing of an MOU between the Foreign Trade University (FTU) and Duke’s Office of Global Affairs. The five-year...

DCID facilitates sharing of research findings and methods of its faculty to global network

Taking responsibility for the Research Technical Assistance Center (RTAC) subcontract in its fourth year at Duke, DCID showcased the research and expertise of its...

2022 International Women's Day webinar highlights research on women's rights and participation

Four leading experts, Diya Dutta from Oxfam, Jacobus de Hoop from World Bank, Jan E. Cooper from Harvard University, and Susan D. Hyde from the University of California, Berkeley, presented their latest research at “Amplifying Women’s Voices: The State of Research on Women’s Empowerment.” The associate director of the DevLab at Duke and research associate in the Department of Economics at Duke University, Kate Vyborny, moderated the event, which highlighted research on women’s political and economic participation and new research areas and approaches.

DCID joins Sanford School of Public Policy in welcoming former head of world bank Jim Yong Kim

On October 15, former head of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim sat down with David M. Rubenstein to discuss the future of global policy leadership and what is needed to help address the world's policy issues.

DCID partners with NUS for talks on China investments

Duke Center for International Development (DCID) teamed up with the National University of Singapore Business School (NUS BIZ) to host "Political risk analysis in the global economy: A case study of China's belt and road investments in Sri Lanka's Hambantota Port." Led by the director of DCID, Eddy Malesky, and vice dean of the master of science program at the NUS BIZ, Andrew Delios, the virtual interactive discussion focused on political risks and the interconnection between business analytics and political institutions on the port project.

DCID hosts event on LGBTQIA+ rights in Latin America

On November 22, Duke Center for International Development (DCID) hosted “The Fight for Equality in Latin America: How LGBTQIA+ Policymakers are Advocating for Change” at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy. The virtual event featured three key Latin American LGBTQIA+ policymakers. The first openly gay Peruvian congressman, Alberto de Belaunde, the first transgender person elected to office in Venezuela, Tamara Adrián, and the first lesbian elected to Guatemala’s legislature, Sandra Morán, highlighted initiatives to address inequality and advocate for sexual and gender minorities’ rights, the importance of representation, and the role of activists and local organizations in fostering change.

The Annual Duke-UNC Rotary Peace Conference

The 19th annual Duke-UNC Rotary Spring Conference was a hybrid event held on April 9th at the FedEx Global Education Center on UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus. The theme was “Peace (Re)imagined: Sustaining Justice and Hope for the Future.” The Class of 19' presentations focused on specific aspects of their work, and roundtables will provide a deeper discussion of the Fellows' interests and achievements.

DCID co-hosts event that showcases the World Bank's research on climate change and human migration.

On November 2nd, Duke University adjunct instructor, Piotr Plewa, joined lead environmental specialists from World Bank Kanta Kumari and Viviane Clement to discuss the World Bank's most recent studies on climate and human migration. The virtual event, "Groundswell II: acting on internal climate migration," focused on how climate change affects human migration, the effects it will have in the future, and what governments can do to prepare for it.

Murray Hiebert joined DCID director Eddy Malesky to discuss China and Hiebert's most recent book

On October 8th, Duke Center for International Development (DCID) director and professor of political science Edmund Malesky interviewed the author of "Under Beijing’s Shadow: Southeast Asia’s China Challenge," Murray Hiebert. In the online interview, they discussed China’s rise and involvement in Southeast Asia, China’s militarization of the South China Sea, and dam building on the Mekong River.

Keith Mines joined DUCIGS director, Patrick Duddy, to discuss his book, "Why Nation Building Matters," and his experiences

On September 16th, the director of Duke University’s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (DUCIGS) and a Fellow of DUCIGS’ Rethinking Diplomacy Program, Patrick Duddy, talked with the director of the Latin America Program at the United States Institute of Peace, Keith Mines, on Mines’ new book, “Why Nation-Building Matters.” The virtual event focused on Mine’s experiences in Afghanistan, Columbia, The Balkans, and more.

DCID director interviews former U.S. ambassador to Vietnam

DCID director Edmund Malesky talks with former ambassador Ted Osius' about his new book, "Nothing Is Impossible: America’s Reconciliation with Vietnam" (October 2021, Rutgers University Press), an inside look at the people and policies that shaped the two countries’ 25-year journey from adversaries to friends and partners.